If you are Having problems viewing this interactive Virtual Reality Tour, your computer may not have the Quicktime player installed correctly.  Follow the directions below to get quicktime.  

If you are having problems with the images not displaying correctly (poor image quality-too dark or too light) your monitors settings may need to be adjusted: click the screen check icon for a monitor screen test  .

If the text in the virtual tour is not displaying correctly your browser settings may be out of adjustment (at the top of your web browser click 'view' then choose 'text size' then choose 'normal' if using netscape or 'medium' if using Internet Explorer.

Quicktime offers the highest resolution and viewing quality for this virtual tour image and it is worth the time to download and install quicktime on your computer, however you can view a lower resolution Java Version of the image by clicking on the "Try Viewing the Java Version" link at the upper right hand side of the previous page.


About Quicktime   

QuickTime is a leading cross-platform multimedia technology. More than 10 million copies of QuickTime are downloaded every month. And more than 20,000 applications and content CDs include QuickTime, with hundreds more licensed every month. In addition, more than 200 models of digital video cameras use QuickTime to capture or display their files. It is free to download and installation is easy.

What are Quicktime VR movies?

QuickTime VR (QuickTime Virtual Reality - also called QTVR) is an amazing technology that allows you to view 360 degree panoramic views and objects in photo-realistic quality. Virtual  Reality Tours are immersive and interactive.  Photographic Virtual reality technologies allow viewers to Experience remote locations as well as objects, in 3- dimensions, as if they 
are actually present at the location or holding the object in the palm of their hand. When you view a Quicktime VR movie file, you can interact with the images looking around and zooming in and out as you like.

Below are simple instructions for using our virtual tour and QTVR in general.


To be able to use QTVR on your computer (Windows or Macintosh) you must download and install QuickTime from Apple Computer, Inc. For more information visit www.apple.com/quicktime/download

Navigating a QTVR Panorama:

When you move your cursor over the image itself in a QTVR movie, your cursor will change to a "Pointer". Click your left mouse button, hold, and drag to rotate the view. As you drag, the cursor will change to arrows like these:

You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to rotate the QTVR view.

Zoom In and Out:

You can use your keyboard's "Shift" key to Zoom In. You can use your keyboard's "Control" (also "Ctrl") key to Zoom Out.

A few tips on viewing the Quicktime panoramic VR movies....

1. It helps to be a little patient. Downloading a QT movie may take a few minutes, and you won't necessarily see anything on your screen until the file has completely downloaded, so relax.

2. Scroll slowly! All too often "first-timers" move through a 360 degree panoramic movie at a blistering speed. This might make you dizzy and you certainly won't see much. Slow down, scroll ever so slowly in either direction, zoom in and out of selected areas of interest. Taking it slow and easy often makes a world of difference when viewing and enjoying Quicktime movies.